Busselton Swimming Club

Members of Busselton Swimming Club are require to accept

the following terms and conditions.

Registration and Affiliation

Busselton Swimming Club is an affiliate of Swimming WA and members with Busselton Swimming Club are required to register with Swimming WA, which provides benefits such as exclusive member discounts, comprehensive insurance cover, access to scholarships and grants, and eligibility to compete at a variety of swimming events. The Swimming WA fee is due 1 October each year. This applies to swimmers in all squad levels.  If your child is not a current SWA member, please go to https://www.myswimresults.com.au/FindClub.aspx and purchase a membership ASAP. You can view your membership options on pages 5 to 8 of this document.    https://indd.adobe.com/view/36064ebd-9e67-470b-acc3-d7d04e32cb88                                     Failure to hold a SWA membership may result in your child losing their place in their squad. 

(Please note that this is not applicable for participants of the Summer Swimming Clinic)

Squad Training Days

Members are assessed by the coaches to the appropriate squad and allocated training days/times. The allocated days are not changable, and swimmers are not able to swim at other training sessions without prior approval from the committee.

Payment Policy

All applicable fees are due and payable after you have attended three trial training sessions. Payment for Clinics and other special events are due before the commencement of the event. For any further questions regarding these expenses please contact our Secretary or Treasurer. Busselton Swimming Club reserves the right to exclude swimmers from training sessions and other club activities if fees are outstanding for an extended period until fees are paid in full. Swimmers can be deregistered with Swimming WA for late/non-payment of fees preventing them from attending or registering at swim meets or with another club. A minimum 4 weeks’ notice is required if you decide to leave the Busselton Swimming Club, with a written notification sent to one of the committee members. Swimmers are not able to transfer to another club if any funds are owed to the Club. If a swimmer is out of the pool for a period throughout the season due to illness, injury or holidays, please note that fees are still payable. Individual circumstances will be taken into consideration. If a situation arises that your child is unable to participate in training sessions under medical advice, for a minimum of 1 month, a medical certificate is required to be to be considered for fee adjustment. 


Busselton Swimming Club parents and guardians are expected to volunteer at club meets (PB challenge) and time-keep at swim meets when attending. Fundraising activities are undertaken on a roster basis and a parent/guardian of every member will be expected to participate.

Code of Conduct

Competitve swimmers and their families in our Intermediate and Performance squads are required to agree and adhere to BSC's Parent & Swimmer Code of Conduct. 



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