How to Enter a Swim Meet

How to enter a Swim Meet

Before you decide to enter any meet, please speak to your coach. 

Our Club will target specific meets across each short course and long course season. A target meet means we will have a coach at the meet to support our swimmers.

How to enter a meet:

Swimmers/ Parents are responsible for:

  • entering Club targeted swim meets via the Swim Central website:
  • discussing with their Coach which events to enter

For assistance on how to enter:

(Appendix B) What to bring to a swim meet:


2x Bathers (training bathers for warm up, racing bathers for racing events

2x Towels

2x Goggles & blue Club Cap

Warm clothes, consisting mainly of club uniform (for younger swimmers’ label everything as nervous children are forgetful children)

Always wear shoes/ thongs – heat and energy are lost through your feet, so ensure that you have a pair of shoes and socks to wear.


Water, energy snacks, lunch, money for entry and the café.

Money for pool entry and program

Esky with energy snacks, lunch, and water for the day

Highlighter, pen, and marker

Your best cheering voices

Plenty of positivity no matter how well your swimmer swims.



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